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For Joyce Goff, artistic traits are a family affair.  Her mother painted landscapes in oil, her husband enjoys oils and hand drafting, her son excels in pen and ink drawing, and her youngest daughter does stained glass work.  Since very early childhood, she has loved to draw.  Joyce became more active in art when her friend, Jacque Kaiser, invited her to join the Monday watermedia painting group at the Art Box Studio.  She then studied drawing with Sylvia Megerdician. This pursuit keeps growing strong.

Some of the many avenues of expression Joyce has tried are oil painting, pottery, and porcelain doll making.  She rejected oils some time ago determining that it wasn’t for her.  Although she loved working with clay, she found that using the potter’s wheel to throw the pots was just too hard on her shoulder.  The doll making became her main focus, that is, until she discovered a shelf of undressed dolls in her possession that had the most beautifully painted faces!

Given this magical inspiration, Joyce found herself drawn to the subject matter she most strongly enjoys ---- painting people and portraits. 
Joyce Goff continues her love of portraiture with dedication and determination.  She enjoys perfecting her watercolor techniques and especially likes the feeling of losing herself in time while she paints.

Joyce admires the work of Don Andrews and has taken the opportunity to study with him.  She continues to develop her art and has taken workshops with: Milford Zornes, Don O’Neil, Christopher Schink, Skip Lawrence, Judy Betts, Gerald Brommer, Arne Westerman, and Carla O’Conner

Joyce participates in several art shows in the area, including the Claremont Art Walk, The Art Box Studio, and has work hanging at the Bamboo Leaf Day Spa in Upland.  She also serves on the Associated Artists Board of Directors and was the show chairman for the 2003 Association Artists’ Annual Show and Sale.