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Charlotte Tanner has fond early memories of art experiences.  Her eighth grade art projects were fulfilling to her creativity.  She also recalls being inspired while on vacation with her folks along the Washington coast.  Charles Mulvey was teaching a watercolor class on the beach.  He had decided to give up city life and bought a gas station to give him a steady source of income.  He sold his classes as well as his artwork. Charlotte was impressed that someone would do that.

Upon her retirement a couple of years ago, she decided to explore the arts.  Watercolor is Charlotte's favorite media.  She has also worked with ink and pencil, acrylic, and wood cuts.  Her favorite subject matter is nature.

Studying at the Art Box Studio on Mondays with Sylvia Megerdichian is an activity Charlotte enjoys.  Individuality is encouraged there, as each student follows his or her own direction.  The critiques are lively and instructive.  Charlotte has also studied with Skip Lawrence and Christopher Schink.  She has been fortunate enough to attend the Intensive Studies program in Taos, New Mexico, for the past three springs.  The experience includes ten days of painting and instruction with Skip Lawrence, Christopher Schink, Katherine Chang Liu, Fran Larsen, and Alex Powell.  She feels the experience was positive and nurturing; all the things that will help her reach her goal of being the best artist she can be.

Charlotte teaches a watercolor class every week in Riverside.  Last August, she entered work in a multi-media art show in Coupeville, Oregon.  One of her paintings won one of four of the coveted juror's awards.

Charlotte Tanner serves as scholarship chair on the Board of Directors for the Associated Artists of the Inland Empire.